Chiropratic Care

Spinal manipulation also know as "adjusting" has been around since the days of the Egyptians. Chiropractic has been a growing profession after Dr. D.D. Palmer made the first adjustment to Harvey Lillard in 1885.

Chiropractic can very simply be explained like this. The vertebrae (spinal bones) surround the spinal cord and the nerve roots. When a bone shifts or does not move well, it usually results in local pain. Additionally it may also irritate the nerves that exit that region so anywhere those nerves go can also have potential problems. For example, if an upper back bone (thoracic region) is irritated, it can result in pain but it can also lead to breathing problems since the nerves from that area control the lungs. Upper neck problems often result in headaches. Lower Back problems can lead to large nerves in the legs getting irritation.

There are over 100 Chiropractic techniques and Dr. Haschets is proficient in several. He uses a more traditional style of adjusting and has a hands on approach. Some Chiropractors use instruments, guns, and computers and there is nothing wrong with them but Dr. Haschets feels more comfortable using the two hands God gave him.

In addition to adjustments. Dr. Haschets does chose to use various forms of therapy such as traction, EMS, TENS, Ultrasound, Hydrotherapy and Rehab protocols of exercise and stretches. We find these therapies an adjunct to the adjustment and often times speed up the healing process.