Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage is an age-old remedy, which has been proven an effective complement to chiropractic care. Together, chiropractic and massage facilitate the natural healing power by keeping the body in proper alignment and ensuring a free flow of nerve impulses and circulation of fluids. Problems in the musculoskeletal system can impede the natural healing process, and often cause dysfunction and pain. Dr. Haschets feels that it is important to treat soft tissues, such as muscles and tendons, to help lessen the accompanying pain. Dr. Haschets will work the muscles of your injured area every visit and not just "crack" you and leave. Dr. Haschets uses a technique called Myofascial Release Therapy to aid in the reduction of muscles knots, trigger points and tightness.

Benefits of Massage:

Increases the effectiveness of chiropractic treatments

Aids in preparing the body for chiropractic adjustments

Helps relieve pain in muscles and related soft tissues

Helps prevent future problems